Cebu · Northern Cebu

Northern Cebu 2016

Cebu is one of the top travel destinations in the Philippines. Aside from its gorgeous beaches, Cebu is rich in history, culture, architecture and biodiversity. It’s a must that we should have a #ryleventure on this beautiful island.

It was our last trip for the year. We chose to explore the northern part of Cebu. We had an early morning flight. The sun was just starting to rise when we reached Cebu International Airport.

This is our first DIY trip so everything is truly an adventure. We boarded a cab and went to North Bus Terminal. The first trip to Bantayan Island was scheduled at 7 am so we had our breakfast while waiting.

After our meal, we boarded the bus and waited for our trip. The bus ride to Hagnaya Port is around 2 to 3 hours depending on the traffic situation.

When we reached Hagnaya Port, we got our tickets and boarded the ferry. It was our first time to ride a ferry so it was exciting. The good thing about the ride is that you can’t feel the waves that much. We took the time to rest.

After an hour, we reached Sta. Fe Port. This is the gateway to Bantayan Island. We went down and got our things from the bus. The driver of our accommodation is already waiting for us.

Our accommodation on the island is Kota Beach Resort. This resort became famous lately because it was used as the main location for the movie, Camp Sawi. I could see the appeal. The place is very beautiful. There’s a lot of coconut trees along the coastline and a sandbar is visible when it’s low tide. This would be the perfect place for a laid back vacation.

After checking in, we went to our room and rested for a bit. We also did some unpacking. Our trip from our house in Manila to our resort in Bantayan  Island took 12 hours. It was a long ride but it was worth it.

After some time, we went out to enjoy the great sceneries. We went and took some photos of the famous sign from the movie, Camp Sawi.


We also went to the town proper and had our lunch. Good thing that Bantayan Island is now being developed to support the booming tourism in the area. There’s a lot of choices for places to eat.

After our meal, we went back to our resort. We took this time to rest because of the long trip that we had. When we woke up, it was already getting dark. We freshened up and went out for dinner.

It was a great day when we woke up the next day. We have scheduled our Bantayan Town Tour this day. We rented a motorbike to make it easier for us to visit the landmarks of Bantayan Island. Before heading out, we took some time to take photos of the beach area.

The first landmark that we saw was the boundary marker and the arch that signifies that we are entering Bantayan Town. We stopped by the landmark and took some photos.

The next landmark was the INC chapel of Bantayan.

The next landmark that we visited was Bantayan’s public fish port.

The next landmark was the Sts. Peter and Paul Parish.

After some touring on the town proper, we went to a restaurant to have our brunch.

The last landmarks that we visited were Bantayan’s municipal hall, public market, and town plaza.

After spending some time in the town proper, we went to the next attraction, Ob-ob Mangrove Eco Park. This mangrove sanctuary was a community project. We talked to the caretaker and she explained to us the importance of the mangroves and how these resilient trees helped them during Typhoon Yolanda.

After touring the sanctuary, we rested for a bit on one of the bamboo huts.

The next place that we visited was the Paradise Beach. It’s truly is a paradise! They have developed the area to be tourist friendly. It was a hide and seek when looking for a place so be sure to have some maps around so you won’t get lost. We took some time to rest and capture some moments.

After our Bantayan Town Tour, we went back to our resort. We went out to find some place to eat.

After our meal, we went back to our resort to rest and unwind for a bit. After some time, we went out to visit the Ogtong Cave. It’s one of the famous landmarks on the island.

We also strolled around Sta. Fe Beach Club. When evening came, we went back to our resort. It was a long, tiring yet enjoyable day.

The day came and it was a good day. It was a bit gloomy outside. That didn’t stop us though in continuing with our planned activities for the day.

We went around the beach area and took some photos.

It was around noon when we went to the town proper for our lunch.

We continued our photo shoot in the afternoon. We also ordered shakes and mixed fruits for our refreshments.

When evening came, we had our dinner and went to the cabana area to rest for a bit.

It was the last day of our stay in the island. We had a great time enjoying the beach, the sights, and the people. We woke up early that morning to capture some photos of our last moments on the place.

We then went to the port area and waited for our trip back to the main island of Cebu. Everything went well during our trip.

Upon arriving on the island, we went to our hotel, Express Inn. We chose the hotel because of its proximity to SM City Cebu.

After settling our things, we went out for dinner and tried the famous Cebu lechon. It was so good!


It was the last day of our Cebu #ryleventure and we have a scheduled Cebu City Tour that day. We left our bags at the SM City Cebu’s Traveller’s Lounge.

The first landmark that we visited was the Heritage of Cebu Monument. The monument is gigantic! It’s made of brass and shows some of the major events that helped shaped on what we know as Cebu at present. The architecture is incredible!

Our next landmark was the famous Magellan’s Cross. This landmark is one of the famous tourist attraction in Cebu.

Adjacent to the Magellan’s Cross is the Santo Niño Basilica. The church is magnificent. The church is one of the main locations for the upcoming Sinulog Festival.

After touring the historical sights, we went to an Island Souvenir shop to check out some Cebu goods.

Our next landmark was Fort San Pedro. It’s one of the Spanish settlements during the Spanish Era. It’s a good thing that the structure was preserved. We roamed around the area to marvel its beauty.

The next place that we visited was the Taoist Temple. The temple is located on a hill. From our location, you can see the towering buildings in the city proper. We enjoyed touring the place since it is rich in culture and has great architecture. While touring, we maintained silence and decency to preserve the sanctity of the place.

Our next landmark was the Temple of Leah. It’s a great feeling to be inside the structure because the temple was a testament of love. The design of the building is inspired by Greek architecture. The structure though is not yet complete. I’m looking forward as to how it would look when finished.

The next place that we visited was the Sirao Garden. There’s a lot of flowering plants in the area and it makes me feel like I’m in Amsterdam. We roamed around the place took some great photos!

The last place on our city tour was the Tops Lookout. We’re a bit tired already so we just rested while looking at the Cebu City proper from afar.

After our trip, we went back to SM City Cebu and rested while waiting for our flight back to Manila.

This is our last trip for 2016 and I can definitely say that we saved the best for last. Cebu is very rich in culture, beaches, architecture and great people. We just started exploring Cebu and we’ll definitely visit the other places that Cebu is known for. To sum up our Northern Cebu #ryrleventures,  here’s a video compilation of our trip.


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